2022 Event


Sunday 7th August 2022 – Welsh vegan festival – The Tramshed, Cardiff



If anyone is interested in holding a stall, giving at talk, a cooking demo, volunteering or helping us with promotion email fundraising@farplace.org.uk fundraisingassistant@farplace.org.uk thanks!
Please spread the word, look forward to seeing you all in 2022.

Book a stall 7th August 2022

We are taking stall bookings for the festival on the 7th August 2022 . If you are would like to see a stall prospectus, just email Kerri at fundraising@farplace.org.uk or Gail at fundraisngassistant@farplace.org.uk

Kerri Head of Fundraising

Gail Fundraising Assistant



Vegan Events Team at Farplace

This is the vegan events team at Farplace Animal Rescue. Kerri and Gail who are here to help you have an amazing experience at all our festivals and can be contacted at any time at festivals@farplace.org.uk , events@farplace.org.uk or tel 0191 263 4736

Kerri Head Of fundraising

and Bethany Event staff


Gail Fundraising Assistant

Rescued Hen’s

We have recently rescued a number of hens who were due for slaughter. They will be available for adoption from July onwards. We are looking for homes who will care for them as companions (“pets”) and where they will be appreciated for the amazing little personalities they really are.
If you think you can offer a forever-home to some of our girls, please email jan@farplace.org.uk to arrange a home check.


Pictured are Joy (left) and Hope (right), enjoying the sunshine. We do have a lot more🙂